From the representatives of the international corporate cooperation GM / PSA - N° 6

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International Newsletter GM-PSA

N° 6 – September 2014

Dear colleagues,

a few days ago many of you received the International Newsletter N° 5, among other things about the struggle against the closure of the Opel plant in Bochum/Germany. Regarding this we document an article of the newspaper for workers “Blitz” (flash of lightning) from 23 September 2014:

„Strike?! - If not now, whenever!


Dear friends in South Africa,

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On 27 July 2014 there was a meeting of the German coordination group in preperation for the 1st International Automobile Workers Conference in October 2015. The members decided on a solidarity declaration to the strikers of NUMSA.

Meanwhile you finished your strike with a hard-won partial success. Congratulations on your determined struggle.

Nevertheless, we want to send our declaration of solidarity, because it is important for the future:


Dear Collegues from ASOTRECOL,

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We are sending greetings for the third anniversary of your struggle for the injured workers of GM in Bogota! We support your courageous and hard struggle for reinstatement. Worldwide, autoworkers are fighting against increasing exploitation and oppression by the car companies. Our common struggle beyond borders to defend labor rights is the way for a better future.

We as the German Coordinating Group for the first international Autoworker’s Conference to be held in Germany in October 2015 are promoting the worldwide active solidarity among autoworkers of all countries. The Autoworker’s Conference has the purpose to exchange experiences, to learn from each other and to coordinate our struggles. We want to invite you to be a part of this process. Please be free to inform yourselves at .

Long live international solidarity!


Dear friends of ASOTRECOL

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on behalf of the international coordination of GM workers I want to express our solidarity for the three year long struggle for 
the rights of injured workers against General Motors. Your hard and courageous struggle is an important sign for the workers 
of the world that even a small but determined organization can successfully challenge one of the most powerful companies 
of the world. Those who take up the struggle will get solidarity! Hold on to your fight until it is won!
Workers of all countries, unite! Never have these words of Marx and Engels been more important than today!
In solidarity
Fritz Hofmann
Works Concil Opel Eisenach (Germany)
Speaker for the international coordination of GM workers

Solidarity for injured colombian workers

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Dear friends,
three years ago, some injured workers of General Motors in Bogota / Colombia were laid off. They started a struggle in front of the embassy of the United States in Bogota, visited the GM headquarter in Detroit / Michigan and suffered long hunger strikes. They got a lot of support from all over the world. They organized this long and courageous struggle with their union ASOTRECOL.


Dear Comrades

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Dear Comrades,
We express our gratitude to you, all organizations and every individual who showed their support for the NXP workers and for the Global Day of Action held yesterday. Your support means a lot to the workers, and you helped us put pressure to the company.
Through the various protests held, the NXPSCI workers have resoundingly affirmed their demands! 

Solidarity with the unions in the philippines

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Extended Working Meeting of German Coordinating Group

for Preparation of 1. International Automotive Workers Conference – 1.IAC 2015

Ruesselsheim/Germany, July 28, 2014

Solidarity message

Dear Reden Alcantara,

Dear colleagues and friends from NXPSCWU, MWAP and KMU

From preparatory meeting of 1. International automotive workers conference we send you our warmest greetings of solidarity.